Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: Vox Hunt: It Gets Me There

Show us your passport photo...if you dare!
Submitted by Georgie-boy.

Since I have two of them you get both.  The one where you see thin me is the Canadian, the fat me looking trash is my NuBritish one.  At one point they both looked the same, until I washed my British one after returning from a shit SleezyJet trip from Newcastle to Bristol.  So fat me had to get my ass to a photobooth at Sainsburys, it turns out that they're alot smaller than I anticipated so fat me looks like shit because I spent £6 and had to go home in between shoots on top of the fact that I had to do the karma-fucking-sutra to get my face in there properly.  These things are made for midgets not 6 foot himbos like me :o(

Originally posted on monkeybox.vox.com


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