Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: Road Rage

Because I only have one hand free it doesn't quite represent fully the incident, also it's worth noting it was only my lack of depth perception looking at the screen that I hit my faux car, there wasn't any contact in the real life drama.

The number 9 car is the stupid bitch who cut me up and the smashed up sports car is mine.

I went to turn in to Maccas, this woman was in Aldis and instead of stopping she just went out in front of me and waved (as if I let her in), I honked at the ignorant bitch which she ignored and I also, before I realised it, gave her a two finger salute before resuming my trip in to MacDonalds.

That my friends is unintentional road rage.

Also unlike the reconstruction I didn't stop, but since I had one had free to move objects I improvised in my crime watch style reconstruction!

Originally posted on monkeybox.vox.com


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