Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: Cunting cunty cunt!

Great way to start today, I paid my 3 bill except in the morning the billing system was fucked like Anna Nicole Smith's corpse as she awaits burial.  No worries I say and successfully complete the transaction later on.

I then check my bank statement, the cunts took TWO lots of my bill and claim they only received one.

GREAT WORK YAY!  Because now I've got to wait until tomorrow or monday when it's posted on my account before getting the bank involved who won't give a shit since it's my debit card (and thus protected under no decent regulations).  All I want now is for Three to put a whacking credit on to my account as that is the easiest way, but you try barking that down the phone at some poor sod who can only do what the computer says.

It looks like, without a fucking penny to my name, I have to pay off my bill a THIRD TIME and then sort this shit back out again.  CUNTS.

Originally posted on monkeybox.vox.com


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