Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: As a call centre employee, the inherent problem...

.. I have, is when picking up my own phone I tend to slip back in to that work mode, occasionally I catch myself, othertimes not so lucky.  Like just now, David's line rings and I pick up, the call follows this routine:

M = Me
C = Caller

M: Good afternoon, Kevin speaking how can I help?
C: Uh, is David there?
M: I'm afraid he's away from his desk at the minute, can I take a message? (I seriously said this).
C: Yes, if you could, could you tell him A N Other called?
M: Certainly, what is your number there?
C: 07777
M: 0..7..7..7..7...
C: 777
M: 7..7..7
C: 777
M: 7..7..7..
M: I'll pass that across to him, thank you for calling.
C: bye
M: Good bye.

Obviously this kind of activity in the home makes me want to cry, but instead I shall be eating pie (they rhyme!)

Oh and also, new thing at work, I've got a rather amusing girl across from me, occasionally (I say occasionally, but I mean frequently)  comes out with some rather funny stuff.  So I'm bringing in a new notepad which will be left on my desk to be filled in occasionally.  Then if there is enough good material in it, I might start a blogspot or something.

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