Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: Computers die, civilisation collapses.

Today, mid afternoon, the work system died out in a massive fit of crazyness.  This in itself is something you can get by without, in theory.  So your existing jobs are unobtainable, so you can't really check what's what and who's who.  But again, you can get around this by using common sense and asking those around you who might just already know what the score is.

However, regardless of all this, civilisation in at least our little part of the universe collapsed in to anachary.  Thankfully, by either some godsend or an automated message diverting clients away, the phones went nearly dead.  I however, thankfully managed to blag my way out of the bag and only ended up with a single job sheet and three non-job notes to complete after the system came back online.

Annoyingly people started to get louder and louder and freed themselves from their headset shackles to annoy me. 

Also I think one of my callers managed to become a part of a conversation about Hartlepool's historic monkey hanging with extra swearyness.  This wasn't annoying at all.  It was rather brilliant, but I had to restrain myself and hide my microphone to avoid recorded call detection of this tale.  After a while the system came back online and we all resumed our ways.

Oh, and small world time.  I took a call from a motorway, booked it and finished it, then 10 minutes later somebody else took a non-similar call from a motorway, the same one.  Due to the type of call I thought, wouldn't that be crazy if...  but it turns out it was about 8 junctions away, so I can rest easy this evening.

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