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On Vox: I vant you see, lasha tumbai, I vant you see, lasha tumabai

I had a proper bag of shit day today, it was a combination of time mis-management on my part, although not an entirely big contribution but it didn't help in the slightest, office pettyness and an absolute fuckwit.

I'll skip all the borning bits because I know you bitches want to know the good stuff.  Today, I had my arch-nemesis on the phone, he is uncommon sense personified.  Obvious answers are retorted with stupid reasonings, basic logic rays are shielded by the shroud of the twisted fact and when told "at this stage there is no more that can be done" it's returned as "OH YES I CAN MAGIC RANDOM ITEMS FROM MY ASS, REACH ON IN".

The debate in it's vagueness is as follows:

man has car, car is petrol, man has fuel card, fuel card can only buy diesel.  Car is temporary, car is running out of petrol, man won't buy petrol because fuel card won't buy it.  Man told to use the universial cash system, man not impressed, man won't do.  Man advised to keep receipts and claim back.  Man won't do.  Man demands we find diesel car.  Diesel car not available and has to be sourced from another area could take three days.  Man advised, man not happy.

Man suggests we replace car of little fuel for another one with a full tank, operators laugh, answer still no.  Man thinks I am being unreasonable.  I get man off phone before I cut my wrists.

I call managers, I discuss, I call man's fleet contact, halarious recorded conversation follows, I get another contact who can actually push his weight around, contact not so interested, but filling up cars is man's responsability (duh).  Conversation terminated.

I hit a brick wall, I call my high manager, she calls him, halarity ensues, man still not budging.  And the loop begins again.

In the end as you'd expect from any customer facing business we gave in, made alternative arrangements and busted our asses and the logic that is the fabric of our universe to bits only to find the man has just filled up the car with petrol.  And this is exactly why I shall be leading the robot armies to victory, because I'm not staying on the fleshy human side if this is the kind of crap I have to look forward to once the NuGeneration grow up to a society who believes in such crap as "defered success", then we're all pretty much fucked in the grand scheme of things.

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