Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On Vox: Wrong number? Serves you right!

I'm starting to get a STRING of wrong number calls on my phone line, so much so it's starting to annoy me.  So I've decided that I'm now going to pick them all up and regardless of who they ask for I'm going to transfer them to a specially set-up line, which will ring then divert to a answerphone which I shall record their stupid fucking messages and post them on the internet.

I'm really getting fucking fed up with these people, they call ALL HOURS on this number and they put down the phone when my answerphone picks up, or in some cases (like this) they leave bizarre messages (which I post on the internet).

I'm thankful that my telephone system (as pictured) has a night setting (which rings all calls on a dead extension between 1200 and 0700) so I've been able to ignore most of them, but now that it's getting more frequent I need to sort them out and this should hopefully be as entertaining for you as it shall be for me.

Unfortunately, as of yet I can't fully record all calls (because I will be head fucking them before hand) but I shall find a cheap way of doing so then I shall put the full calls on kevin.cx and also I shall be creating the "hold challenge" to see how long I can get a caller to stay on the line.  Oh entertainment.

Originally posted on monkeybox.vox.com


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