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It's not fair!

This picture was taken days (actually today) after all the wonderful sunny and warm weather we had here in T.O.:

How can it go from 29C to 0C in only a few days, I swear I'm leaving this country
I can't put up with weather shifts like this, damn it I'm going to Australia at least
you know it's hot all the time there.

In other more intresting news, I need to find a national geographic for my World Issues class, but everywhere I goto in Toronto happens to be sold out (except for Maison de la Presse International, but they had National Geographic France and the story is in the Canadian/US version) so I'm considering one of two options:

a) "forget" to goto that class
b) call around to chapters/indigo in the burbs and make a trek out to it

so far 'a' sounds better. Also it's about 10 days to my birthday and I become
legal in Ontario (yayayyayayayaya) so I'm going out clubbing on my birthday with
a bunch of friends and that should be cool.

Wot else, ah yes, I'm going to the UK soon too, on May 12th to 20th and I'll be
stopping in Dublin, but I have no idea of what to do in Dublin so if anybody has got a few suggestions, please feel free to email me :)

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