Кевин (mmn) wrote,

The subconcious.

I hate the subconcious mind, it finds the need to tell you shit in your dreams that you haven’t noticed yet.  Like for example, if you need to wee when you’re asleep you spend the entire dream in a toilet having a waz (rather unfulfilling dream that is) or even more annoyingly it blurts out that you unknowingly find somebody extremely attractive, then all next day the only bloody thing you can do is think about it and how logical it actually is.  Odd thing this human brain.

More reason to trade it in for a SUPER ROBOT BRAIN that’ll show you grey fleshy jelly object!

Also, everybody around me at work is horrendiously ill, I’m bound to catch they hybrid infection their germs have collectively been plotting.  Tasty.

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Tags: bloggoreah, emo, gothic, terror

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