Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Saturday, it’s not Caturday.

I knew the French were useful for something other than say, boiling snails, eating cheese and being generally some of the most annoying people in the world (next to the Americans), it’s hardly ever shown but let it be seen by all I tolerate the French people as a whole only because without them I wouldn’t have my Eurovision, “French Fries” (I know their Belgian, but lets face it who the hell are the Belgians anyways, without the French they’d be Swiss chocolate makers) and liberal abuse of the Eurozone economy. But other than the obvious irrational stereotyping and SPEAKING .. SLOWLY .. AT .. A .. LOUD .. TONE I must admit this is why I love my French people. They’re far too attractive and manage to make rather good films (and cheese with a casually low VAT rate on drink).Today I witnessed their kind of film, “Juste Une Question D’Amour“, which nearly made me cry. But in fairness I’ve got a really bad cold so it’s debatable if it were to be phlem coming out of any oriface it could (like a bad bukkake in reverse).

I would advise you watch it as that rather tasty chap takes his top off (among other things) so if you’re not in to that emotional bollocks at least you, the pause button, god and dead-grandma (who are all omnipresent) can have about 5 minutes to yourself. Huzzah!

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Tags: boys! boys! boys!, europe, sexual references, Фото

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