Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Consumed far too many sherberts?

..  then call your car insurance company!

Seriously, this rather, erm, happy chap called me this evening on a non-us telephone line, all I can do is bash keys and input data for these people.  But in this instance I felt I had to intervene.  This chap was quite obviously a bit merry (I say a bit) and thankfully I got him to shut his mouth by minute 5 so I could just end my torment.  My notes to the insurer:

Please contact this driver about the mentioned reference, he’s saying he is claiming liability and would like to add … I’m just typing in notes ***SO PLEASE CLARIFY THIS WITH HIM WHEN YOU CALL***.

Mind you I managed to side step a bit that parts where he admited giving false information to them, but they’re more than welcome to CLARIFY THAT WITH HIM WHEN THE CALL.  Jesus Christ.

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Tags: emo, employment, humour, pain, terror

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