Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Small changes = death.

One will find that I’ve made a few subtile changes to Кевин.com.ua.  First one is that it’s now free of gluten and only has enough fat to kill a small child rather than a grown elephant.  For this you should rejoyce.

Secondly, I have changed the inner workings.  All non-human enabled posts will be handled by their respective user account.  So Кевин posts as I please, Кевин (ShoZu) is shozu and only posts photos, videos, etc (to the Фото, ShoZu and if desired the Видео tags), Кевин (SMS) is the SMS Posts and Кевин (Gabcast) is Gabcast.

Of course if you read this off of LJ this won’t make one ounce of sense or actually matter.  For you lot can kut yourselves.

In future I’ll make some kind of attempt to make a filter on the main menu for specific “user” posts, but at that point hell might freeze over and the king will have risen from the dead reclaiming the monarchy.

Oh and Twitter Tools will continue to post as a null user.

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Tags: bloggoreah, emo, g33k, gothic, spam, technical, terror

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