Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Today at lunch I was sent on a mission, 2 packs of 6pk Sainsburys Saussage Rolls and a packet of 20 Lambert & Butlers (in the silver packet).  Obviously a healthy diet to be had by all.

Seeing as I do not smoke I don’t usually get that “HOW DARE YOU” look, but I must say buying fags for the first time (legally - don’t ask) isn’t exactly what I need at mid day on a friday.  Sainsburys ladies can be such judgemental bitches.

I also nearly went spazzy at one of the co-workers as well for a job well fucked up.

ALSO SEX WEE: GOSSIPCITY RELEASED!!! I’m switching my theme this evening bizzatches!

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Tags: bloggoreah, emo, employment, humour, stress, terror

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