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Twitter Updates for 2007-11-08

  • @freebradley only a terrorist would raise a valid point like that. I’m calling the fbi you anti-patriot. #
  • @freebradley photoshop that and email it to them. I want to hear a sermon about it. Also i’d bang one off to that photo. Sounds hot. #
  • I’ve picked a scab and now it’s bleeding profusely. I’ve seen car crashes with less bloodshed than what is pouring from my leg! #
  • That’s well minging. I’m all for recycling and the natural order but too far. I flushed it down the bog. #
  • @freebradley - please see the previous "tweet" which I failed to @ you with. C #
  • Backspace and Enter do two different things as proved by my last message. HOLLA! #
  • Indeed it is. See also: Pan, loo, WC (which annoyingly is my initials [K-WC] and & Lav. #
  • "and &" it’s an internet stammer. Admit it you find it hot because Gareth Gates did it until he became popular (and hot). #
  • You’ve brought horrible memories of my school days. I’m going to facebook some of them and laugh "YOUR FAT, UGLY AND HAVE 6 KIDS". Bless. #
  • @freebradley There is a Kevin Costello (w/o the e) I added him cause he’s hot and got the same name. #
  • LJ has added comment editing, only for those with a paid account. I’m glad I only post there from my wordpress, otherwise I’d be annoyed. #
  • @mikeypod star dollar? #
  • I’m getting the drunk at the moment. First time since saturday! Yay! #
  • @MikeyPod I’m planning on some time in that part of the world next summer, if you’re up by then i’ll pop down to say hello! #
  • @MikeyPod I’ll text you direct with my number but it’s likely going to be around start july. But i need to see if i have to get a visa… #
  • @MikeyPod … As i’m not bio metric. I think i’m still within the visa waver but i’ll check it out. I’d love to see everything in real l … #

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