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So, *I* have to pay £269 AND you keep me in an 18 month contract at a MINIMUM of £35 a month?What a bag of shit. These tariffs are so uncompetetive it’s not funny as well as the * FAIR USAGE APPLIES (please define). For the £35 a month (actually £25 with loyalty discount) on my three phone I get a 3G phone (which iPhone isn’t) 1000 texts, 300 minutes (x-net), £5 downloads a month, 70 minutes videocalling and I can roam free in to 3 networks in Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia. As well as a lot more junk that I barely use.</p>

So O2, take your iPhone and “see what you can do”.

clipped from www.o2.co.uk

iPhone 8GB will be available to buy at £269 only on O2. There is a minimum 18 months contract on our dedicated tariffs for iPhone.

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Tags: annoyance, bloggoreah, clipmarks, Европа, юмор

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