Кевин (mmn) wrote,

This week brough to you by….

… Pro Plus™ for when you don’t get enough sleep and can barely operate as a semi-functional entity.

This week has been LONG and when I say long I mean it.  I’ve been working 10 hour shifts at work, this week my call volumes have been somewhere between 70-90 (and my stack is all over the place as per usual).  But this week unlike most weeks I’ve had some bad times (see Monday) and not so bad times (like today).

On monday I hit the roof when I walked in the door, as on the friday I agreed to take on an extra hour of work for the “team” (I hate that word, but hey!) as I heard it was manic the previous week.  When I logged in after doing jack nothings the week prior and having NIGHTMARES on the Sunday night about monday morning (seriously) and saw a couple jobs I had passed around to be done whilst I was away were either sat there looked at once and dumped back in my stack for a week later (when I returned) or just not done at all I lost my patience and made a point that day.

I did 95 calls.  Holla.

I was still seathing on Tuesday as well over what I came back to on Monday, admittedly it’s not much, but at the same time *I* took an extra 5 hours from my week to help out and important jobs that I needed doing just didn’t get done at all (one was so unimportant it was literally sending a fax, would have taken 2 minutes to do as well!  Yet it was sent back to me on the BUSIEST DAY?!).

I eventually spoke with my manager on wednesday, I learned a few things and I expressed my annoyances, which is always good!  Wednesday turned out to be an interesting day though.

I got two challenges presented to me, the first one being some random line that I vaguely remember what it was about with a completely undocumented proceedure, so I figured “HAI GUISE!” and picked it up for the sheer excitement of a new challenge, I managed by completely blagging it to get the job done properly which I must admit is a rather good show on my part!

The second was a rather shitty chap who tore some holes in to one of my collegues then called his manager who called me only for me to tell her the score.  He chilled after that, but the main issue is a great big skip lorry stuck in mid day traffic in Sheffield.  I was quite hoping I would have got a better answer than “it’s on a bookings wildcard” (like “it belongs to somebody else”) but then again I want a pony and that ain’t happening either really!

So after about 30 minutes and a couple seconds for sending a job back to somebody else saying “Then contact the agent and tell them that…” in reply to “Wendy authorised two mats” (as if you know I’m the only one trained to tell a garage that we want to car mats ordered) I managed to not balls up the job in my trademark way.  I’m pretty sure at one point if you listened to my line I may have uttered “I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here but hey lets go with it, your start order number starts….”.

Then there was today, much like the days before it I was munching Pro Plus like they were going out of fashion (and I only have one packet left now — what an unhealthy lifestyle I lead) but I think this was the most satisfying one next to the time I received a call after we received a letter from one of our drivers (and after a couple managers listened to the calls) thanking what turned out to be me, for making her breakdown a less stressful event (she was stuck in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere). 

Anyways, I got another good comment today about the work I mash in to the system with finess and style.  It’s nice to know that a good number of the jobs I post through are in a reasonable/good state, nothing that’s likely to explode and/or kill mame & injure and within the parameters as well as when anything does come back my way it gets sorted quickly.  So it’s always good to see that the good work you do gets noticed just as much as the huge cock-ups!

But for now I’m ending this post without even a check on the spelling or read through as I am brain dead.  I r hav nune mor kaffene two mak me wurkings.  Onward ho Friday, for you shall be my bitch too.

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