Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I r many sick

I had been hanging all day today, I’m not entirely sure what it was but I was well ill.  I survived it until around 12.30 when I found it well difficult to continue.  So I called up my manager as I had a review at 14.00 and I jibbered something like “when is this review cos I’m sick and I might be going home” which she thought I was on a rampage so it was re-done, er, that minute.  Took an hour and we got it sorted, I then went back to my work.

After about 10-15 minutes it just got even more worse and at one point I was hanging over the keyboard mashing things in.  As I had quite a few things to do I tried to get things out of the way, but I was also in a bit of a way that I couldn’t even remember what  time I had for lunch, so I ended up working through and going home at around 15.00 when I finally just had to push myself away and leave before a guffed all over the carpet (to which Ina would have killed me for).

Then I got home and firmly planted my face in the pillows and turned on kids TV.  What an exisitng life I lead.

Now I’m here on the 3G watching the videos on the internets feelin’ shit, lookin’ shit.

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Tags: bloggoreah, terror

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