Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Twitter Обновления для 2007-12-25

  • Update: 3 minutes away from a self inflicted finger blast and a bit of xtube. So far not to good. This is why i need thinspiration. #
  • Lol christmas television is good fun. Shortly we have some reindeer thing and queens speech followed by finding nemo. #
  • @bloatedlesbian i thought that was fuckabee or at least i think that’s what i heard from that matt frei twat on bbc news. #
  • @bloatedlesbian from what i recall, he was a dick, but seriously, he started to pull forward but his views aren’t universal. Then again … #
  • tention since. #
  • @bloatedlesbian that huckabee fellow. I’m well behind though so if i’m talking shit let me know. #
  • @bloatedlesbian if he ever becomes president i will end my life. We’re all fucked if he does. #

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