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Now for a more coherent post.....

Ok, I noticed that I did post last night and in my state that was a bit fucked up..... anyways heres a more coherent version:

Last night I was walking up Church street to my fave Japanese restaurant when I ran into Scott and Brad and then eventually Gary and somebody named Terry (sp?/? in general) so we went to Swiss Chalet, and then after that we parted ways, so then I called Frank who was at Hair Of The Dog and I went there for a bit and had a beer (how not me) until Eric came by so then he had a vodka on the rocks (I'm suprised I can remember all of this) after we were done our drinks me and eric parted but on my way out I noticed Nick from work and we chatted a bit. Then finally we left, walked to 5ive got in and there was like nobody on the dancefloor, so I got meself a smirnoff ice (end of night count ~5... well thats all I can remember + the one I had to leave 2/3rds full later) and got on the dancefloor, we danced for quite a bit, eric left at around 1am and I was left intoxicated and alone with nobody to help me home ;p

So on my way to the bar (again) I found a nice boy who pinched my ass and all I thought was "I go to find my self a drink and I get a nice boy!" but he was maried or something, or maybe even a rentboy (I thought he said something about client) but pah what does it matter now... so about 2am I had to leave, my brain gave me that "Look fucko I'm soo going to take you down in 30 seconds" sign, so I got my coat and realised I HAD NO CAB FARE!!!! coz I spent $50 in drinks!!! so I had to rely on the TTC which was horrible coz I was quite drunk and couldn't stand up right so I ended up clinging to a utility pole on Bay street for 10 minutes until the bus came. Then I got off at Bathurst and that bus had left earlier so I had to hold on to that utility pole for 30 minutes!!!! and people who were just as drunk as me started yelling at me from cabs, it was halarious (now anyways). So once the bus came I went up to St.Clair and being the bright blonde I am I ran across the street and then I realised "Shit how do I stop again" so I ended up falling down then after that most of the night was a blur...... btw, I did end-up dancing with el rentboy and he did play with my balls for quite a bit in the club :)

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