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I enjoyed my saturday, granted that I only got 3 hours before I had to get up again and that I did my laundry during that time and it didn’t even dry correctly so I had to, as expected, hang it all over the control centre to dry out (imagine my pants flung over monitors and desks). I discovered on friday evening that I was working the saturday morning AND the afternoon so I was a bit pissed off to say the least. But I got over it.

At 17.00 I finished work, had a shower here (their council tax now includes me as a permanent resident) then off to the horror that was Sainsburys on mothers-day eve to buy lagers AND pro-plus (cos I was hanging out me arse). Headed over to Matt’s to meet up with Pretty Craig and go out for the evening.  It was all good drank far too much at Matt’s, Speedpeedoed a Stella until I couldn’t take it as the blasphemous thing was well nasty!  We then headed out in to town, I think that’s when it all went down hill.  I made a point of getting properly bollox’d cos I had to be in work for 0900 to show the rest up!

I think in that evening I bought everybody drinks all night cos I ended it on the following day with only £5.35 to my name and I had ALOT more than that to hand.  So my budget is well blown to bits.

Anyways, back to the story at hand, we suddenly then went in to Melksham (about 10 miles away) I made an arse of myself and we taxi’d back to Craig’s pad to end off the evening.  At that point it kind of got a bit emo and I spent most of the evening crying which I find is well cool when you’re in the presence of other people.

I woke up the following morning and looked at my phone for the time and decided “I’m going to be sick” and barged through Craig’s room to the toilet to do just that.  Ace.

Then walked in to work, hanging, had my shower and started my 30 hour shift. Joy.

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Tags: annoyance, emo, employment, eurovision, investors in people (trade), stress, terror, weekend

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