Кевин (mmn) wrote,

SMS - Halarity

Should I юмор tag this?

To :

Excuse me?

From :

Whos this?

To :

Santa clause. What’s your thing with having a dig on facebook then logging off?

…. [silence]….

To :

That shut you up.  When you want to let me know what ever problem you seem to have is by all means.  But you just want to get your gob on then i highly advise you don’t bother.

From :

Nothing shut me up, i was busy! My problem is u! And the fact ur constantly shit stiring!! U better hope i dont see u out and about!

To :

Shit stirring what? I would actually like to know what your fucking problem is.  You haven’t even passed my mind until today when you got all high and mighty over some delusion you seem to have about me.  I don’t even talk about you.  You’re a non-entity. Get over it.

From :

God help u!! Thats all im guna say!

To :

Cryptic. You’re going to have to be more specific than that. Do I look like mystic meg? I’d actually be interested to figure out what I’ve susposedly done since the last time you bothered me at some stupid time in the morning.

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Tags: annoyance, gothic, investors in people (trade), sms, spam, terror, юмор

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