Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Rural town life.

Sun 22/06/2008 18:55 to Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Nothing but white folk.

Sun 22/06/2008 18:56 from Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Ask where you can get a roti

Sun 22/06/2008 18:57 to Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

I’m going to ask where they keep their token ethnic.

Sun 22/06/2008 18:58 from Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

The prison

Sun 22/06/2008 18:58 to Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

There is no prison here. Just a lynch tree.

Sun 22/06/2008 18:59 from Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Ur sick

Sun 22/06/2008 19:00 to Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Seriously this place is something out me a horror film. Just white people with no souls and too much money.

Sun 22/06/2008 19:02 from Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Sounds like a good premise

Sun 22/06/2008 19:07 to Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Holy sweet jesus. I found some chinese people.

Sun 22/06/2008 19:09 from Charlie Earl (SMS):</p>

Better report them before they multiply

I went to some rubbish little town about 60 miles outside of toronto. It started with a “c” but i can’t even remember the town name! Only white people and a trailer park. I have photos. They will be uploaded.

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