Кевин (mmn) wrote,

What a strange evening

Nothing more interesting than a rather strange evening. This was one of them.

I went out with a man named John whom I met a couple days back, first we stopped at his when his father and one of his girlfriends came over (serious), this went on for about an hour and was a bit surreal! But it was all good. Then we went out to goodhandy’s, which I must say was rather, different. Models, naked men, sex rooms, full on locally produced porno and drunken Irish boys. If cameras were allowed I would have taken photos to prove it.

It was an interesting experience and I won a free DVD to boot so we’re all good. They even had naked twister, sound.

edit: on an FYI - what ever rumours that are going around the control centre about me this week are probably all true.

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Tags: investors in people (trade), sexual references, tmi, toronto 08

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