Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Flying it’s shit.

Mon 07/07/2008 01:44 to Twitter (SMS):</p>

I hate airports. Had my sun screen confiscated (i told the chap to “fucking well bin it then”) paid $90 for excess baggage and got drug checked by security.

Seriously. I hate this crap. I’m stressed enough as i hate flying to start off with but then to have all this shit in the way before being held captive on a metal tube for 8 hours then needing to be in some kind of state to drive 3 hours back home isn’t the most relaxing thing. Also, fucking ipod is flat and all my shit had to be swapped around as my carry on is now been checked in. So i expect some cunt will steal what they can from it. Pricks.

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Tags: lifeblog

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