Кевин (mmn) wrote,

LiveJournal why so poop?

I’m really starting to hate the LiveJournal now days, I remembered when it first started it was all cool and good fun.  I tolerated it for sometime now as a Early Adopter I was immune to the advertisements when they came in, but now, I can not rid my blog of them.  It’s unpossible!  And they’re HEAWGE!

So I reckon I’ll just give up on livejournal and let it die a commercial death, in the void of the commerical internet were it deserves to be, a hollow “community” alone in a dollar filled void.  Much like VOX or TYPEPAD.  I know it’s a bit ritch as I have google ads on my site, but in realistic terms it makes pennies and they aren’t obtrusive.  As for some other magical ads, I think they must be due to estat which reminds me to cough up another couple euros a month to fix that problem.

I’ve also dabbled with an AOL Journal, it seems basic and not as fun as the masterpeice that Кевин.com.ua is at this very moment in time.  However, once I can afford to purchase my WINS Server from Santronics I might fully downgrade and we’ll see in what non-commericalised text based internet that takes us.

We await in glee.

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Tags: annoyance, bloggoreah, emo, investors in people (trade), pain, technical, terror

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