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Trout is the New Pink

Here I am in bed at 8pm like a good boy. As you can clearly tell this is
not ideal really, I’m 25, I should be drunk oin a ditch some where or
shouting somebody elses name in the throws of passion in yet another 20
minute relationship. But instead I’m in bed, too lazy to make my dinner
so I will opt to take this as a weight loss aid and not bother with the
whole food thing. Rather depressing really.

I was also going to make a humourous witty post about my day and what
crazy antics I’ve been up to, but to summarise it: LOL then sat behind the
same desk on the same fat ass I’ve had since 2003.

I’m experiencing a moment where I realise I should be getting more out of
my life, nothing is stopping me from doing so, but I find myself dragged
down on the same level all the time and this must change. I’ve asked
myself why am I dirt poor all the time? Because, although to my horror I
make a rather sound level of salary I’m far too stupid to be able to
budget and look at where I can save money rather than piss it away on lazy
people food (takeaways) and constantly going to Sainsburys at lunch to
feed yet again. Then there is my outgoings, I’ve cut a few things now,
it’s opened more spending money (which I promptly piss away).

I’ve got a rather good concept for dealing with this and the thing is I
have to be able to hold myself to it and not just find an excuse on why
this or that spend is OK when clearly it isn’t.

This will mean I then get in to the habit of leaving the house or the
workplace and get out there living my life, meeting people, doing things
and possibly who the hell knows!

This years I’m now planning my holiday 6 months early, that’s 6 months to
cover costs and make sure I can have an enjoyable time and not find myself
booking the car hire and tickets at the last possible minute and having to
live a week before payday on 35p in another country again.

Basically, I have to grow up a bit. Which isn’t easy. But we shall try
all the same.

And the thing is. I look forward to this challenge. You can’t just
continue to use two pots after all, just buy a bigger one.

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Budgeting sucks. It means that you have to trade the HERE AND NOW for FUTURE. Which can be hard to do.


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