Кевин (mmn) wrote,

It’s far too late for this crap.

Thu 05/03/2009 00:51 050320091477-001
Thu 05/03/2009 00:51 050320091478-001

I’ve started to make an effort at cleaning up and packing, the realisation that i have to vacate in three weeks plus one day makes my brain hurt. It also doesn’t help that my struggling financial situation isn’t helping matters much. Speaking of such i’ve got four bills i need to pay still and it’s not fairing to good for the moment. Gar! Life is good. Anyways i’ve got to chase up the letting agent again, i was told my reference crap would be sorted by now but he’s not told me anything yet so i’m hoping i’ve got somewhere to live at the end of this month.

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Tags: lifeblog

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