Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Twitter Обновления для 2009-04-11

  • Seagulls, it’s 2am, piss off you winged pikeys. #
  • Now there is a fight below my window. Nice. I <3 Drunk People. #
  • @CarlKirby indeed, i am. #
  • I just woke up. What a waste of a saturday morning. #
  • Woop, I just got ttytter running on my iMac. I might have to consider using my mac as my shell account now that I can! #
  • Bloody job centre needs to pay more than 60 quid a week for all this form filling shit. #
  • This has some relivance to a conversation that i’m having. - photo at http://twitxr.com/kevinc/updates/185608 #
  • @Daz71 OMG Why and how? #
  • Me eat too much chicken. Me <3 Tesco Value. #
  • According to the Council we don’t get a rubbish collection, but they pick up our recycling fortnightly. #

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