Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Job ownership mean’s miss thing ain’t havin’ it.

Today I can not be bothered. I have a pounding headache and it’s all gone wrong this morning. But that is life so now I’m having a moment alone in the toilets (not in that kind of way either you filthy people).

This morning I’ve been slowly losing patience with one of the girls here, she’s always going on how she’s confused or what not with just about anything I touch and each time I’ve said “ok, i’ll take it” it’s been something so easy it would have taken her less time to do it then flap at me.

Just now she sent something back to me with one line on it and question marks, so i sent it back with the heading “JOB OWNERSHIP” so far i haven’t heard anything back so i assume my point was made. Win!

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