Кевин (mmn) wrote,

The power of christ does something or whatever!

Today is somewhat ironic if you bother to look deep enough in to it, I was desperate to get home away from the slavery to the screen I perform each and every day, however, instead of actually doing something other than sit in front of another screen and wait for my spine to collapse from my horrible posture and my RSI to formulate itself in to a horrific, yet, 1337 injury, I sat down and bashed this site together.

Yes kids, I work only to do exactly what I had done all day, and yet somehow I don’t see the issue in this. I’m such a twat.

However, I have discovered SKY* have posted a few more MP3s upon their site, I have rejoyced and downloaded them onto the holy iTunes. Also, I got the Tomboy video and found where I stashed the Zweitfrau track. WIN!

Speaking of teh win, I lost today, as per my previous post after I had returned from the loos with my head pounding away, I found the job I had sent back to her in my list. Understandably I was rather annoyed as there wasn’t even a note what she did, so I checked the log. She just passed it to somebody else who was rightfully uninterested who then sent it back to me. Seeing as I like this fellow and his logic was quite sound I carried on, I then had to ask 3 people about what happened prior and in the end a 30 second phone call was made. Now if she had done that in the first place we wouldn’t have this drama. But I can’t be bothered.

Although amusingly she sent me something to book in, failing to realise she got the name wrong, so I just bounced it back with a rather unpleasant reason. I do not *do* random bookings, kthankewe. No reply on that, HOLLA!

* SKY as in not Sky, but SKY. Get it?

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