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come rescue me captain bloody obvious Yeah, thanks Facebook, keep me informed with the obvious will you?

Yesterday, in a somewhat drunken state, I kind of parted with £70 of my not-so hard earned cash by registering for the course I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now.  Yes folks, for I am partaking in “Russian for Beginners”, only because that’ll make me popular and trendy for being able to swear in more than one language.  Plus I reckon knowing the language helps you not get robbed blind when visiting non-english speaking nations.  Saying that, I nearly got myself shot in Canada for mistakenly busting up a crack dealer mid flow in a transaction, so it’s hard to determine if my statement is indeed factually correct.

I have also, with much supprise, managed to FINALLY get a god damn ogg vorbis file to work on my god for saken trend setting blasphemous mac, now I can even stream the fcuking things, HOO YEAH MOFO, if ogg vorbis files were ass, I’d be tappin it.

Now carry on, I’ve got some catch up on the facial book.

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