Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Nothing is more refreshing then getting to Sainsburys at GOD AWFUL AM and STILL getting stuck in a queue!

But that was the least of my morning, this is the best:

A man is cleaning the windows of the local post office, as he’s employed to do.  Useless post office staff forget to lock in the top window, man washes window and it opens, alarm sounds, man continues regarless awaiting the police.  15 minutes go by, man still cleaning and waiting, 20 minutes now.

As I pass him for the second time he says to me “that thing has been going for the last 20 minutes!” to which I reply “Ha!  Serves them right for not closing it properly!” man chuckles, then WOOOOP WOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOP one police car, WOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOP two police cars.  Yes kids, 20 minutes after the post office is entered by a window washing device the rozzers show up and they’re only based a mile away.

The poor chap had to explain to four officers of DA LAW what happened as I left (and avoided the pathetic excuse the police call parking) to trundle up to Sainsburys.  That made my day.  As did this:


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