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Bloggeur Hipster depuis 2000.


Miss Kaja's Day Out

Little miss bitch face had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy herself, she was thoroughly pissed off during the entire time.

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She spent a grand total of 20 minutes being angry that she was outside.

However, give her two hours later and suddenly she's all

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That is Kaja, she's not demanding to be pet while growling and hissing when she is touched. 


Huzzah for short domains

One thing I like is a good short domain, that is clear considering you're probably reading this on ec.je.

I even have a web hosting service on cw.nf, but with my business email sneaking on to ec.je, I decided I needed to have a seperate domain for my personal account.  Something a bit more secure and not as heavily monitored as my ec.je mailbox (because all my business emails go through it).

So I went on a search, and after a couple days of combinations, I found vx.sg.  It came to me thinking wildly out of the box, since I've had the mmn.on.ca domain, website and bbs, there have been so many versions since 1996.

To the point I can honestly say, I can not remember what version of MMN I'm sat on today.  I try to avoid making too many changes, but it is a part of time and one has no choice.

On this line of thought, I came out with Version X, not to be confused with an iProduct intrepretation of X being 10.  The X in this case happens to be X replacing a long forgotten number.

So far I have a blogger site on there where I post endless cat photos, I'm probably going to do something more interesting with it soon though.

But for now, vx.sg is my personal space which I should fill with my ongoing projects and perhaps even one of those marketing guru style about me pages.

However, I would need to discuss this with my new coder whom I recently hired

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That Face

That moment when you get what you want but realise it was shit.

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Marine Le Penn

What be new

While I realise it has been a while since I last posted on my forever blog, I as usual am quite busy these days.

But having bought a laptop for work, I can't really use it for personal reasons, therefore while I was shopping in the high end tech market that is E.Leclerc, I found a rather cheap notebook that I can keep with myself. Further to this, having smashed my previous phone and replaced it. I now have a wifi hotspot I can use without having to faff about with contracts and crap like that.

I guess this is a win, or not, depending on how you look at these things.

Kaja is doing well, as per usual, she's just coming off heat, so is in a miserable mood. She's started hissing at me for no reason, which is rich for a creature that was screaming down the house so all the boys come to her yard at all hours.

I currently have this massive cold of doom that is really breaking my balls in half, since it completely blocks off my ability to breathe during the night, one can imagine that my sleeping habits are somewhat feck up as a result.  So I have basically gone from screaming cat to not sleeping anyways.  Classic.

I have also finally improved my phone system, somewhat, still doing some playing around to finalise the best fit for me, but at least I have done away with some IVRs that didn't need to be on some numbers, fixed up the queuing sequence and a few other things.

I've also now been able to pull some reports from the phone system and also work out the billing codes too.  Which is good.

What else can I really update everybody with, not that much really, I spend most of my time on trains for the moment.  I may also be going to Italy for the first time in a couple months, figured I would head down to the south and since I'll be down there Italy is kind of not that far from Nice, non ?  I think it is a good idea and obviously I will have to get my Italian going.


Pizza fiesta

Friday was pizza night, this is the photos.

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Boulevard du Montparnasse

Doing what it wants to, this evening booming music and thousands of motorbikes, because, well just that.

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Imma lose my shit

This evening has been a total test of completely losing my shit, having run around before the abstract closing hours of French stores (top tip: they close when they feel like it, so arrive when the fuck ever as it doesn't really matter), I get home.

Which you'd think that's job done, but having to setup my new FatBit, with Kaja on the heat and trying to eat dinner pushed me to the limit.

I ended up having a full on arguement with Kaja, if you don't know what this can entail, it's basically me shouting "FUCK YOU" repeatedly with her hissing and spitting back.  Further to this adult display of conflict management, no matter how many times I tried this fucking FitBit was not having it at all.

I've never had to use four devices to finally get almost nowhere, it's taken about 2 hours to finally add the fucking thing and start the download process.  Which still has "24 31 minutes (envrion)" to go, and of course the app is trying desperately to crash at every moment.

I'm glad tomorrow is the friday, because I'm close to stress town, population hissing cat.


Meme post

Because sometimes you just gotta post something and it happens to be a meme.

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Watching Fatniss Neverhiss

I'm cat sitting for the moment, with the beast.

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Many many things have occured.

It's been a while (as usual) since I've had an update.  Somewhat unsurprising to be fair, since I have a good few projects on the go.

Day job is busy, I'm currently on a new project on their side, so it keeps me thinking.  Side work is also keeping my weekends booked too.

But on the site, I'm presently advertising more and getting some extra clicks in.  But considering how much AdWords are charging, it's not really paying out as of yet.  But it's early doors, so one shall see.

Madame Katze is still her bubbly self, I caught her giving me devil eyes while sleeping in a ball.

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Aside from her disposition it has been not too bad, she seems to be growing old and less inclined to murder as often.   Even when she does get the harness on, which considering there are rat traps everywhere outside, it's quite important.

she still detests itRéduire )

I'm desperately trying to get some time to get work done in my site https://www.mmn.on.ca/, get a few ends tied up and in a better condition.  If anybody got some SEO ideas, I'm down for them.

I'll try to spend my train journey in to work with a bit more posting in mind, but no promises, I'm not very morning friendly.