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Boulevard du Montparnasse

Doing what it wants to, this evening booming music and thousands of motorbikes, because, well just that.

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Imma lose my shit

This evening has been a total test of completely losing my shit, having run around before the abstract closing hours of French stores (top tip: they close when they feel like it, so arrive when the fuck ever as it doesn't really matter), I get home.

Which you'd think that's job done, but having to setup my new FatBit, with Kaja on the heat and trying to eat dinner pushed me to the limit.

I ended up having a full on arguement with Kaja, if you don't know what this can entail, it's basically me shouting "FUCK YOU" repeatedly with her hissing and spitting back.  Further to this adult display of conflict management, no matter how many times I tried this fucking FitBit was not having it at all.

I've never had to use four devices to finally get almost nowhere, it's taken about 2 hours to finally add the fucking thing and start the download process.  Which still has "24 31 minutes (envrion)" to go, and of course the app is trying desperately to crash at every moment.

I'm glad tomorrow is the friday, because I'm close to stress town, population hissing cat.


Meme post

Because sometimes you just gotta post something and it happens to be a meme.

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Watching Fatniss Neverhiss

I'm cat sitting for the moment, with the beast.

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Many many things have occured.

It's been a while (as usual) since I've had an update.  Somewhat unsurprising to be fair, since I have a good few projects on the go.

Day job is busy, I'm currently on a new project on their side, so it keeps me thinking.  Side work is also keeping my weekends booked too.

But on the site, I'm presently advertising more and getting some extra clicks in.  But considering how much AdWords are charging, it's not really paying out as of yet.  But it's early doors, so one shall see.

Madame Katze is still her bubbly self, I caught her giving me devil eyes while sleeping in a ball.

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Aside from her disposition it has been not too bad, she seems to be growing old and less inclined to murder as often.   Even when she does get the harness on, which considering there are rat traps everywhere outside, it's quite important.

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I'm desperately trying to get some time to get work done in my site https://www.mmn.on.ca/, get a few ends tied up and in a better condition.  If anybody got some SEO ideas, I'm down for them.

I'll try to spend my train journey in to work with a bit more posting in mind, but no promises, I'm not very morning friendly.


Madame Katze is Displeased

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Face Hate

A great start to the year

The usual new year fun of walking home as, although the RATP likes to shout that everything is free and easy to get home, it very much isn't.

Not a single bus or métro runs near my house from the 1er, so lolz.

But to add on to this, my phone decided that life was too hard and completely died, meaning I'm slowly being locked out of accounts and unable to do anything at all.  Plus I'm completely uncontactable outside of my house, and for Whatsapp, just not at all contactable anywhere.  Happy days.

The irony is that I can't even buy a new phone on a contract, since my banking app is tied to that piece of shit, it won't allow me to authorise the transation.

So fuck you 2018, you're already being a pain in the ass.

Smoking is Evil

Sometimes you just got to blog it

Considering that I have zero battery in my Nintendo 3DS, I decided to take this opportunity of a train ride to blog about things. 

The last entry was about trains (lolz) and before that CRM, because I am that cool.  Incidental side note, I did miss the same train that I did yesterday, but this time because it didn't have a front sign and wasn't on the screens.  One would think this is a personal battle of wills right now.

But moving on, I've had quite a busy few weeks, I reorganised the phone system on MMN, added a new telephone number in Montréal.  How it works now, is instead of taking extra time with a language IVR, the Toronto number is in English and the Montréal number is in French.  For French / English service in these areas, just call the toll free number.  Winner.

I've also cleaned up parts of the website, working on Wordpress to make the site run faster as it can be a tiny bit slow, even with Cloudflare CDN.  I've also had a chance to try Yandex Mail through the cw.nf email addresses, as they're now hosted via the CRM.  It's not too bad, although there are some issues with sending to some domains.  So good that the main accounts still run through G Suite.

I do also need to keep an eye on the BBS modem line, as the computer running that is struggling with life in general, and will lock up randomly.  Which I'm fairly sure it did again this morning, the BBS server also hilariously restarted itself, which I didn't pick up until last night.  So it's back up now.

I'm trying to also investigate a way that I can keep ec.je from redirecting to my LJ address, because SEO.  I've seen that it is possible, I'm not totally sure how though.  Perhaps I may just contact the LJ.

I was also very smart about renewals on both cw.nf and ec.je, as they are pretty expensive to do and knowing full well that I'll regret not doing it earlier, I took the bite at Christmas pay / invoice time.  I'm not feeling it now, but it's better than being slammed for the next two months.   Plus this gives me the opportunity to renew mmn.on.ca, mrman.net, mrman.ca and mmni.ca for three or four years each.

I'm trying to think what other news that I have, other than Kaja being a complete miserable bitch, although she did have weaponised poo in front of the door this morning, then decided to start licking up the bleach I put down.  If you haven't guessed, she was totally savage when I stopped her.  Girl has some problems.

Anyways, since I can't think of much else, I'll save this entry and post it on later as I have zero WiFi now.  Have a good day and all that.


2 minutes, mais non, 13 lol.

Having started the day with SNCF (Sorry, Not Coming Fuckers) slamming the train doors in the middle of a group still getting on a train, and then needing to wait 15 minutes for the next.  One could imagine that the trip back would be less, irritating.

Oh how wrong I was, my magical bus for the uncountable time, was arriving in 2 minutes.  I check my phone, recheck the arrival time, and we're at 13 minutes.

I spent the time trying to check down the road if I had missed my bus, but I did not, and raining like feck it still was.  Thanks RATP, vous êtes sympa.

But looking all that to one side, I present this cartoon.

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Grumpy Cat


So having found a new CRM and really testing it out, I've been madly bringing everything across from EspoCRM.

Granted it's a paid for product, but considering my invoicing level is at the stage where I should really be investing in the business and making an effort at marketing, client management and the like.  The good thing so far is the intigration in to the phone system, right now, not so much of a problem, but if things pick up then I'll be able to get a few people involved.  Which is good since the phone system will try and connect a contact to their account manager.

It's fully online so I don't need to get physical phones involved and it even works via browser, so I can really do things from anywhere.

Since my laptop is not having life though, I'm getting one of my old PCs to be a dedicated work unit, to make things a bit simplier and better.

I've also brought across my work email domain cw.nf to Yandex Mail, which is intigrated with the CRM.  It's a bit different, but everything is going well for the moment.  Basically this is my saturday night, I'm getting old, clearly.


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